MUSE : Milena Silvano

Name: Milena Silvano

Job: Business owner , maker/daydreamer


Instagram: @milena_silvano

What is your favourite

Song of the moment:

Heaven - AKUA 

Song of all time:

When You Dance I Can Really Love - Neal Young


To a God Unknown - John Steinback

Non Fiction:

Down There - Susun Weed

Recipe Book:

Full Moon Feast - Jessica Prentice


Even Cowgirls Get The Blues - Gus Van Sant


All I've Even Known - Margaret Gallagher's Story

Exhibition of late:

Sister Corita Kent at the Ditchling Museum 

Garden to visit:

Wakehurst in Sussex 

Favourite Painting:

Young Woman With Black Cat - Gwen John,  and anything by Laurie Nye, Lauren Luloff, Cristina Toro.


Rustic Roots by Potions n Motions


Silo in Brighton (Rip)

Instagram accounts:

@crop_circle_formations, @mothfood, @fincatierranegra, @heavynettlegathering


Alice Isn't Dead - Night Vale Presents

Snack Food:

Dandelion Leaves, Hawthorn Blossoms.

Current Colour Obsession: Weathered Skin

Current Colour Obsession: Weathered Skin

Current obsession: Plant Lore

Current obsession: Plant Lore

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